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Woodblock print Humongous

We are a store specializing in woodblock printing - a traditional Indian technique. We use one-hand-sized carved woodblocks and print each design one by one by hand. We have various types such as our shop's original designs, Japanese designers' work (such as admi), and designs that have re-arranged traditional Indian patterns. We have fabric varying from thick to thin such as Voile, Twill, Khadi, and Cambric.
We also have very unique crafts like buttons from India, or original accessories which may be used for unique crafts.
We sometimes have special items such as cut-out sets, scraps of cloth or special items on sale for a limited time. Please feel free to visit us.


Indian cotton printed fabric specialty, Woodblock printed cloth, buttons, lace, natural stone accessories, clothes, and other general goods

Shop Information
 Address 3-28-4 Higashi-Nippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
 Tel +81-3-6316-9707
 Fax +81-3-6316-9707
 Trading Hours 10:30am - 5:00pm
 Closed Sundays , Public holidays(O Bon holidays , TNew Year holidays)
  • …Credit Card Available
備考 Credit cards can be used for sales over \3,000

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